Social media is just blogging. So let’s make a blog that’s as easy and as fun as social media.


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Show your passion.
Show your talent.
Show your fandom.
Show your taste.
Show your ideas.
Show your words.
Show your sight.
Show your self.

Follow Anyone

Wield the power of open standards to get updates from nearly any website, presented to you in chronological order without algorithmic bias.

Reblog Anything

Embed videos. And blog posts. And pictures. And podcasts. Or just link to things. Never worry about running out of content for your blog.

Be Everywhere

Post to your blog. Your blog posts everywhere else. And vice versa. Don’t lose the followers you worked hard for, and find new ones on ActivityPub.

Get Updates

Want to keep in touch? Curious about what’s going on? Want to save your spot in line for a beta account when (if!) they’re available?

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